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    Oh.. So we got your attention eh? :)

    Well - No problem, just enter the web site domain/url into the input field below and press "Add site". It's that easy!


    Lookback FAQ

    This is just a simple FAQ to help you out with any questions you might have. If your question is missing here, you can always Contact. us.

    Question Answer
    Will all websites work? No, unfortunately not. Some web sites just isn't optimized that good or at all... This will effect how the "screenshot" looks like.
    How often do you visit? We will schedule a visit two times every day. At 01:00am and 01:00pm. Please know this is the time when we start to visit all our websites so the actual visit time my vary.
    What User Agent string? We give a real User Agent string as it makes everything run more smooth.
    But we don't provide language. Here is the string
    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; C) AppleWebKit/533.3 (KHTML, like Gecko) Qt/4.7.1 Safari/533.3
    Remote IP? We will visit the web site from the following ip
    The server/ip is located in Germany.
    How long to wait? The best thing is just to forget you've added the site - And then some day come back and visit us again to take a look. The longer you wait, the better the result.
    So - You want to contact us eh?

    Have you looked under the FAQ? I would recommend it, all the most common questions are located there to give you the help you need.

    Anyhoo... If your still interested in contacting us, you can do so by sending us a mail on

    Any abuse related stuff you can send directly to

    You have just completed the process of adding a new web site to Lookback. We appreciate you took the time to do so. We have already made a "initial" visit to the site right away to get things started.

    But from now on we only visit the web site twice a day.

    If you have any questions, head over to FAQ or Contact.

    Oh my! :(

    What did just happen, i think we made a boo-boo.

    It could be one of the following things if the above reason does not make sense ;)

    You can always try again later but if you continue to recive this error we would recommend you to head over to FAQ or Contact.
    Lookback is just a "project"

    So you want to know more about who's behind the scenes?

    Well I'm sorry to let you down - But there is really nothing much to tell it's just a solo project done by me. One day I got this idea that it would be funny to visualize the time line and changes of a web site over the years.

    But not like "web-archive" or any other site out there - I wanted to watch it like a movie :) And just as images. I'm not interested in saving the full page content but just to take a "screenshot" like you would see it from the browser.

    So I made this website and well... Hope you enjoy it!
    Privacy is important to us!

    So just you clarify things you can read here about what data gets stored and how we handle it. Actually we don't really store any usable data - But still just to clarify it.

    When a web site is added to Lookback, we will visit the web site twice every day until we see fit with a "virtual" browser that uses a resolution of 1280x1024. We then take a screenshot, convert it to JPEG and resizes it to 800x600.

    That's basiclly it! We don't even keep the fullsize image (1280x1024) and all web site information/data that is outside that resolution will not be shown.

    Have any questions you can head over to Contact.